main_image.jpgI attended a speech with President Bush this morning (see funniest anecdote, I think, below). Given the security concerns, people have to get to presidential speeches about an hour early, so everyone was just sitting there waiting for the *big moment.*
Then the very official voice comes over the loudspeaker, “Ladies and gentlemen, the President … and Chief Executive Officer of Sunny Delight Beverage Company, Billy Sear!” Those were not the words we were expecting to follow “the president…” But there he was, the King of Orange Drink, Billy Sear, standing next to George Bush. Billy introduced the Prez.

Bush said: “Billy, thank you. I asked Billy where he works. He said, well, I run Sunny Delight beverage company. I said, well, Billy, I quit drinking.”

This, I suppose, was a hilarious joke. Because then Bush did that signature “heh heh heh” thing. Then he talked about ribs, “heh heh heh,” then about Cheney being Darth Vader “heh heh heh” … it was like a Saturday Night Live sketch.

Bush eventually spoke a bit about health care. Then he told the grocery people that they need not need to worry about high corn prices because we’re investing in cellulosic ethanol and soon we’ll be making fuel from switchgrass and wood chips (his examples).

“I understand that folks out there are concerned about the price of corn,” Bush said. “I’ve heard about it from my hog-raising buddies.”

Good to know he has his top advisors on the case.