What is the proper greeting on All Souls Day? “Happy All Souls Day” doesn’t seem quite right. Anyway, today is All Souls Day, and I hope yours is good. This strange trilogy of holidays — Halloween-All Saints-All Souls — all centers around All Saints Day (Nov. 1). The church has been celebrating All Saints Day since the 3rd century; it’s an opportunity to commemorate all the saints (known and unknown), the glories of heaven and the church triumphant. Halloween is All Hallows Eve, the eve of the celebration of all those hallowed saints. When people got the bright idea to dress in costumes and ask for candy, I know not.  As for All Souls Day, it seems that celebrating all the saints that have passed before us made people to want to also remember all the slightly-less-than-saintly friends and family who have died (admittedly, I think it also stemmed from pagan celebrations of putting out food and such for the dead to join you in a meal?). So, today on All Souls Day there are requiem masses to remember the faithful departed. If you are in DC and would like to attend an All Souls Day requiem, there is one tonight at 6:30 at Ascension and St. Agnes, near metro center.