This morning I was awoken at five-something to what sounded like five gunshots, then police sirens. I went back to sleep, thinking, “well, whatever it was, sounds like the police are already on the case.” Later in the morning, when I was actually awake, I questioned myself — mostly because gunfire is not usually immediately followed by police sirens. I thought, “maybe it was something else… maybe I shouldn’t blame gunfire all the time.” Or, well, maybe I should…

According to NBC News4, a police officer pulled over someone driving a stolen car on Sherman Avenue circa 5:12 am. When the officer got out of his/her car, the stolen-car-person struck the officer (with the car, I think) and drove away. The officer then shot toward the car. The suspect was caught and is in the hospital with “non-life threatening injuries.” The officer also went to the hospital to have his leg checked.