A few things about me:
1) I lose things a lot.
2) It seems I am a pessimist. This became known to me only toward the end of the third decade of my life, when I befriended an optimist who named me thusly.
3) I have what some would call “an overly-active imagination.”

All this means that when I am not sure where something is — like, for instance, my reporter’s notebook after a flight — I assume the worst. In this case, I assumed my notebook (which in my mind was chock full of every interesting quote I had ever heard and would likely cost me several interesting stories if not in my life) was still on the plane andI would have to spend at least an hour going through security to try to reclaim it and then probably not find it anyway. It turns out it was just in an unopened pocket of my laptop case (and I will probably never read any of the notes in it again anyway). Hooray! Welcome back, notebook friend!