So, I looked out of the window behind my cubicle a few minutes ago and noticed the street was blocked off with firetrucks, police cars, ambulances and police tape. Dozens of people were crowded around on the street and a nearby elevated walkway staring at the base of our building where all the action was, seven floors right under my cube. I could not see what they were observing, but people didn’t seem to be scared or sickened, so I decided it was safe to go outside and check it out. Well, lo and behold. There was a small four-door CAR that had BACKED into the nearly-full-length windows of the building, broken the windows and found itself inside a conference room on the first floor.

I stood with some colleagues staring at the scene, as we wondered, “How did that happen?!” Then I realized, “Hey! We’re reporters! We’re supposed to be able to find out!” I asked around. Word on the street is that an 80-year-old woman was attempting to parallel park and somehow jumped the curb, crossed the three-meter-plus sidewalk, and crashed into the building instead. She was “disappointed,” according to the building’s doorman, who spoke with her after the incident.

I’m not sure how it is possible to jump a curb and bust open a building when you are trying to park. The car was more than halfway INSIDE the building, having broken the ledge of the building and the windows. I assume she must have slammed her foot on the gas when she meant to press the brake.

The great news is that no one was hurt — the driver was fine, there was no one in the conference room that she hit, and she avoided the cart lady, thank God. It was really quite amazing — she could have hit parking meters, the columns on the outside of the building, or a large fenced-in planter area, but she took the one narrow, direct shot between those obstacles to crash right into the windows. Thankfully, no people were in that path, so now we can LAUGH with GLEE at the hilarity of crashing your car into a building. When people get hurt, it’s not so funny.

Very special bonus: there are cars parked all along the road, so whatever available parking spot she was aiming for has since been filled. This means that after the car plowed through the spot and crashed into the building, someone else pulled up and thought, “sweet! an open spot!”

(I had my camera, so I will try to post pictures of this AND the aforementioned champion pumpkin later.)

UPDATE: Photos are UP!