white house dogs holiday decorations

Laura Bush had at least five interviews with television talk shows today about the White House Christmas decor. These were mostly fluffy, happy interviews and an opportunity for the administration to get some good press. Laura Bush is the most popular person in the White House by far.

She talked to interviewers about the decorations, food, and the national parks … and avoided questions about Jenna Bush’s wedding (supposedly no plans yet). The White House doggies, Barney and Miss Beazley, made an appearance in at least two of the interviews — but none quite so timely as on the CBS early show! Just as the interviewer was starting to press Mrs. Bush to comment on Hillary Clinton, the dogs magically appeared to introduce a new, more pleasant conversation topic (their furry selves) for the first lady. I can just picture an annoyed press secretary, off screen, pushing the dogs toward them as the interview turned in a direction she wanted to avoid.

(I must say this was an excellent strategy because regardless about how you feel about the Bush administration, you’ve got to give it to them for some cute pups. I mean, just look at Miss Beaz up there with her little bow on her neck! Barney makes a vid every year at Christmas — can’t wait.)

From the White House transcript:

Q There’s a lot of talk about another First Lady, someone else who had to decide Christmas themes — Hillary Clinton, who of course is running for President. And your husband recently said that he thinks she is going to get the Democratic nomination. Do you share that sentiment?
MRS. BUSH: Well, I don’t have any idea. And I really have not watched that many of the debates of the Democrats, so I just don’t have any idea what — who will get it. But we certainly know that she’s been under the pressure of living here.
Look who’s come in to the Christmas tree.
Q Oh, hi.
MRS. BUSH: It’s Miss Beazley.
Q Hi, Miss Beazley.
MRS. BUSH: Miss Beazley.
Q Are you going to smile for the camera? Wow, Miss Beazley has serious timing there.
MRS. BUSH: I know it.
Q That’s great.
MRS. BUSH: And here comes Barney. (Laughter.)
Q And here’s Barney. Can you guys get a shot, because we love this.
MRS. BUSH: Miss Beazley and Barney, and they love to —
Q Do they follow you everywhere?
MRS. BUSH: Well, no, they don’t follow me anywhere, but they do come around whenever they can. (Laughter.) They love balls, and so they’re very interested in the ornaments on the tree.
Q Well, these are very fragile, so we’ll keep them away from that. Mrs. Bush, Merry Christmas again.
MRS. BUSH: Thank you so much, Hannah.
Q And thanks for bringing us into your lovely home.