Two more reasons to love CakeLove, my favorite U Street bakery: 1) an old, yet-newly-discovered-to-me, blog entry from Warren Brown about trans fats. You’ve got to respect a man who loves his milk and butter that much. 2) the scratch bar.

I purchased my first scratch bar Friday night and just ate a bite of it. It is sort of like a really delicious, homebaked version of a Cliff bar. But better. It tastes kind of like a holiday treat of almondy goodness and puts me in mind of my beloved flapjacks in England (though it is not so much like the flapjacks, since they are oozing with butter and this is not).

This is how Warren describes the scratch bar on his aforementioned blog:

“Well…Scratch bars are one of my favorite snacks at CakeLove. They’re guilt free. They’re small and easy to carry. They’re wrapped and clean. They’re not sticky. They’re cute. They have wild flavors and weird spices going on. They’re different for CakeLove. They’re good.Scratch bars are almonds, dried bananas, vege protein, soy milk, agave syrup, and a lot more other things ground up, smushed together, baked in one flat sheet, and cut to size. There are chia seeds in them, too. Chia seeds, as in Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia pet. For me, the chia seeds and everything else in a Scratch bar give me a great balance of carbs-proteins-fats for slow, sustained energy release. I eat them and don’t find myself craving anything. It’s like I dropped my hunger, or that it dropped me. Either way, I can focus and do whatever…”

I have only had one bite of a “cranberry, lemon” scratch bar. But you can see that its deliciousness has already inspired me. And look how focused and energetic I am in this blog entry! Yes, this is a good treat.

Other CakeLove news: they are now shipping some of their baked goods. I noticed this on the website Friday, and Ned and I spent a great deal of time last night trying to figure out how you could ship a frosted cake. We later returned to the website to discover that they are only shipping the non-cake treats: brownies, cookies, scones, pound cake, scratch bars. Aha, mystery solved.