Today it is snowing. My uncle in Traverse City, Michigan, informs me that he has 13 inches in his backyard. We just have a light dusting here in DC, but it is enough to make me very happy with its snowy wonderment … and make commuters very sad with the bad traffic.

This morning there was even less snow than pictured above, but I am told it took people nearly three hours to drive into town from nearby suburbs. It should have taken less than an hour. (This is a picture from the Washington Post, by the way — is that legal for me to post it on this free, not-so-highly-trafficked blog? Hmm, please just go to the Post and click on an advertisement to support the poor beleaguered Post employees. Merry Christmas.)

When I ran into Tom Buis, president of the National Farmers Union, earlier today on the Hill, he said this of the snow traffic jam: “It’s another example of how this town doesn’t accept the reality of the rest of the world.”

Perhaps that is the case for those whose snow reality includes open schools, functioning drivers and cleared roadways. But I come from South Carolina, where the reality is that we cancel school and work, buy all the bread and milk in the store, pull out our otherwise unworn wooly caps, and spend the day rejoicing just at the mere prediction of snow. I have witnessed people in SC pulling over their cars and parking them on the side of the highways at the sight of a few snowflakes. My sisters and I have built (tiny) snowmen from a half-inch snowfall.

So to all of you for whom this wee snowfall is oh-so-exciting, I raise my mug of hot chocolate to you. Cheers! And to all of you stuck in a DC traffic jam, I give you my condolences and hope you have some tasty holiday cookies to sweeten your commute.