My friend, the bug, wants me to write a song for Sufjan Stevens. But my songs are generally of the goofy-make-up-words-to-the-tune-of-an-existing-song ilk, and I think Sufjan might want something a little more pro. My silly song skillz are perhaps more appropriately suited for the commission I received from the bug’s husband, who asked me to write a song to the tune of “Doctor Feelgood” for his med school graduation (which is still way too far away, but he actually asked this of me before med skool ever began).

I am not the only publicly-bursting-into-song woman in DC, though. Not in the least. Perhaps the woman on one of my crazybuses who wrote an original composition, “The More You Cry, the Less You Pee,” would like to take a stab at the Sufjan competition. Crazy bus woman, are you out there? Someone actually found this blog the other day by googling, of all things: “the more you pee the less you cry.” Was it the bus singing woman, looking to see if anyone else had stolen her awesome song idea?