Whoever is in charge of planes appears to be angry with me. We’re back in D.C., but only after a very delayed flight. We’re just glad we did not have to spend the night at LAX.
We arrived at LAX at 3 pm yesterday (west coast time) and watched as our flight time became later and later on the computer screen. No one ever explained the delay. We left three to four hours late (I stopped paying attention) and finally rolled into Dulles at 3:15 am (EST). One people-mover driver was there. He drove us across the spooky nighttime Dulles terrain to the main terminal. We all shuffled over to the baggage claim, where nothing happened for a long time. Eventually, the one or two baggage guys who had to stay the night finally got our stuff on the belt. Sorry Dulles employees, I know it was just as bad for you as it was for us.

Some time after 4 am, we finally got out of the airport. An acquaintance who is a bit of a high-roller in the travel department ( first-class on the plane, sedan service to his home in Virginia), mostly because he flies to Europe all the time for his job, was on our flight and offered us seats in his sedan ferry. There aren’t really buses or taxis rolling through Dulles at 4 am, so we were grateful for the help. The sedan took him to Alexandria first, then drove to our house. $85 later, we finally stumbled into our house at 5:15 am. I prefered the bus-metro-bus $4 trip we took to the airport a week ago to start our travels, but that was not really an option this morning.

When I crawled into bed for a short nap at 5:30 am, I could hear my neighbor’s alarm clock already ringing. I am grateful for the holiday blend coffee we bought at my favorite coffee chain, Peet’s, in Manhattan Beach, Calif., and enjoyed this morning. (Peets appears to be finally making its way to the East coast in some grocery stores in New England. Oh Mr. Peet, please to open a store in D.C.). It is bringing me some holiday cheer today.

This was one of three flights we took this holiday season, all of them hours behind schedule. I will be flying to Iowa and London later this month — may those trips not follow this same pattern.