It surprises me as much as it may surprise you that I am headed to London this weekend. The trip was not long in the planning, and we have been so busy (and so barely at home) since then, that I have not really had time to think about it. I don’t think it will hit me until I am there, with those beautiful pounds sterling in my hand, making my first purchase of a Cadbury’s Double Decker bar from someone with a fabulous dialect.

This is how it came about: Ned needs to go to London to meet with some business partners. I am tagging along because I love England, and I would be dying of jealousy if he went without me. Plus, there was an airfare sale (since January is such a delightful time to visit the U.K.), a federal holiday and a kind offer from a friend to host us for the weekend. We figured even if now is not the best or easiest or most available time, it won’t really ever be *easier* to go, so better do it while we can, even if it is a short stay.

So, we bought our tickets over the Christmas holiday, and if all goes according to plan, I will be stuffing my face with flapjacks, Cadburys and tea just three days from now. We are scheduled to arrive in London in all of our jetlagged, red-eye glory on Friday morning, and then we will return home again on Tuesday afternoon.

I spent 1996-1997 in England on foreign study at Leeds University. During that time, I spent several weekends in London, and I returned again a few years later, but I am certainly no expert on the city. (Nor have I been there in the past ten years — now I feel old.) So if any of you readers out there have any “must see,””must eat,” “must go to Evensong at” recommendations, please pass them along!