Someone caught the typo! The “Counsil on Financial Lireracy” rule I wrote about yesterday was corrected in today’s Federal Register. It is now, more properly, a “Council on Financial Literacy.” I suppose this is a good sign for humanity, but I am a bit disappointed to lose the joke. It *was* misprinted in the Federal Register’s public inspection documents yesterday; I checked them at the source.

As far as the economy goes, I can say that the weak American dollar really hits home when you spend a weekend in London. All the prices appear to be about what one would expect to pay, as far as the numbers go … but wait, they are in pounds, not dollars! With the exchange rate at $2 to every pound right now, that means that everything pretty much costs twice as much as it seems like it should. It hurts a little.
Now I understand why so many Europeans are purchasing homes in U.S. resort towns — it’s like a half-price sale!