I frequently take the Georgia Avenue Express bus to work. It is a trimmer, faster version of the clown bus, making fewer stops and taking two different turns — it goes down 9th Street instead of 7th Street downtown. Regular 70 bus (clown bus) riders who find themselves on the express bus get a little worked up and fearful when it makes that turn — where are we going? One such rider, an older African American woman, this week was trying to make sure she could still get to her stop for the X2 bus on H Street. (She could.) This led her to expound on the X bus:

“That is one bus I hate. The X bus. You get everybody on that bus.”

It sounded similar to my neighbor’s complaints about the clown bus.

I have come to love the 70/clown bus, with its endless parade of characters on the long bus that goes loping up Georgia Avenue. Now I really want to check out the X bus. Even its name is alluring … like a mysterious code name … or the Xtreme Xbus Xperience.

The X bus goes from the McPherson Square area, near the White House, down H Street, across the Anacostia River to Minnesota Avenue, a place I believe no one from the White House has ever been or will ever visit. Ned spotted the X the other day — it is a double bus connected with the rubber accordion in the middle, like the clown bus. This is a good sign. The double buses are great because they are 1) funny 2) big enough for a lot of crazy clowns. Vive la X bus!