February 2008

Yeah, so the intern in the cubicle next to me just said he was born in 1984. Wow, I feel old.

Oh no — I just did the math and realized that our recent hire (not the intern, a full-time employee who will soon have a similar job to me) was still in high school when I started working here. I am feeling a little faint.


My friend L-bug has a hot backless dress from the nuns that she is going to wear to the med school prom. But imagine if one of the HOT med school students showed up in a Tanzanian dress bedazzled with the face of President Bush?

Yes, when President Bush was in Africa last week, women wore fabric with his smiling mug printed across it. Feel at home, President Bush. We wave hand at you!

The President proudly displayed his travel pictures yesterday at a slideshow for his pals. He said this of the dresses: “I thought the dresses were pretty stylish. But my good wife reminded me that I shouldn’t expect to see them flying off the shelves in American stores anytime soon.”



I never thought I would have ties to the fashion world, but I guess I am four degrees from the red carpet! (and what a very large four degrees they are, based on my own lack of fashion.) My mother-in-law is friends with Kevan Hall, a famous designer in L.A. (They met at a young adults church group back in the day — who among our Kairos pals will be famous  one day? discuss.)

Kevan designed her wedding dress, back when he was just starting out, and was so kind as to make her lovely mother-of- the-groom dresses last year, even though he is famous now. How famous is he, you ask? As reported in yesterday’s New York Times, he also designed the dress that Ruby Dee, nominee for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, wore last night at the Oscars. The ruby red number is pictured above. Go Kevan!

Remember the days of yore, when there were a kajillion candidates in the Republican and Democratic field and it was like a big party all the time? Everyone got along, mostly, and everyone was happy, and there were so many interesting characters and hairstyles.

Now the field is narrowing, and everyone is all hating on their fellow (wo)man. And we still have almost nine months of campaigning to go!

I just stumbled across this quote from Hillary Clinton, when she was on the Ellen Degeneres show in September 2007. Ellen asked if Hillary would have Obama as her running mate.

Hillary replied: “I have such great admiration for him [Obama] and everyone that I am running against. This is a great field, you don’t have to be against anybody. You can be just for whoever you think would be the best president. ”

p.s. Check out how that secret service guy is about to take that woman down for her dangerous use of the cell phone! That phone could have death laser beams in it! Get her, secret service man!

President Bush spent the past week in Africa, and it sounds like he received a warm welcome.

Our friend in Rwanda said it was “wonderful to receive the president of the United States of America in Rwanda; many people were standing on the road to wave hand when he passes through the road.”

We also hear there were many billboards of welcome and gratitude in Tanzania, including the one below, which totally cracks me up. I think it probably really did help President Bush to feel at home, since there are always billboards like that in D.C.


Today is a sad day for Washington, DC, even if there is a *very exciting* dusting of snow. “The Awakening” statue — a huge, steel, half-buried sleeping giant — has left us. “The Awakening” giant has tried to break through the ground at Hains Point for almost 30 years, and now he is finally gone. He is relocating to a Potomac beach in Prince George’s county. Why does everyone have to leave DC for the suburbs?

The statue was at the tip of Hains Point, a 300+ acre peninsula that sticks out between the Washington Channel and the Potomac, south of Thomas Jefferson and his tidal basin. Hains Point is a funny little peninsula that is a bit out of the way, with no public transport. The only reasons for the average tourist or DCer to go there would be to see the statue or cherry trees, golf on a mostly flat public course, swim in an outdoor public pool in the summer or enjoy cycling or running on the peninsula’s mostly untrafficked roads. Hmm, when I list them all there like that, it seems Hains Point is DC’s playground. Perhaps it is, but it is also out of the way and sparsely visited.

The Awakening is so different than the men on horses and marble presidents that dominate our sculptural life here in DC.  Down on the end of the point, it seemed like a hidden treasure.

The giant was a friend for cyclists training at the point and for the poor beleaguered Marine Corps Marathon runners who had to run the Hains Point loop with nary a fan in sight. The point has a nice flat road, not very much traffic … and often killer winds from the river. Many a runner and cyclist has spent time going around and around its approximately 5K loop. “The Awakening” was like a special surprise treat out there, the reward for making it to the end of the peninsula.

On difficult brick workouts at the point, I would look forward to running or cycling by the statue — it was about all that got me through sometimes. In the midst of muscle pain, winds and the mental difficulty of running in circles, the gentle giant created a destination and a visual reward. I will miss him.

Uno on doggie treadmill

It is very important that you know that Uno the beagle — who has won the hearts and minds of Americans with his message of hope and cuteness — is from SOUTH CAROLINA. Well, he is not really *from* South Carolina, but he lives there now. Shout out to my mom for cluing me in.

He hails from Columbia, Mo., which is also an awesome place (mystically linked to Columbia, SC, by name, affection and ladybug sisters). Uno now lives and trains in Lugoff, South Carolina.

And what does Uno do there in Lugoff, you wonder? Well, he works on his excellent physique. The State newspaper reports that Uno eats two cups of Purina Pro Plan a day and practices in a faux dog-show ring in his trainer’s backyard. He also spends 15 minutes a day on a jog-a-dog, a doggie treadmill, “to keep his muscle tone nice and hard and to keep him in great shape.”

If you are weary of walking your dog and would like a little doggie treadmill of your own, you can purchase one here for the low price of $1,000 to $3,000.

But here is the best morsel from the article in The State: Uno loves to play on a Little Tykes Playground set! He jumps through the holes, slides down the slide, and lies on top to bathe in the sun. This is why we love him: he is one of us.

Now to find a video of Uno on the slide…

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