I started to post this days ago, but was held up by technology and the federal budget process. As you all know, the Giants won the Super Bowl. When they had that incredible pass in the 4th quarter, my friend Robert shouted: “God wants the Giants to win! That is the only explanation.”

I personally felt they did it … for the babies. I imagined Eli Manning holding up the trophy and saying, “This one is for the babies!”

I was rooting for the Giants. And by “rooting” I mean “moderately interested in seeing them win but not actually emotionally tied to it in any long-term way.” (I apologize to the true fans.) I chose to back the Giants because 1) I’m tired of the Patriots, 2) My wee tiny nephew was “rooting” for the Giants (and by “rooting” I mean sleeping and eating with a cute football outfit on). 3) Two good friends just welcomed their new baby Elijah into the world last week, and I had it in my head that a great game from Eli Manning would do baby Elijah honor on his third day of life (even though this is obviously not necessary since a great prophet Elijah has already done much more honor to the name). However, I must note that baby E’s mom is a Patriots fan, so she might not have felt that the appropriate honor — sorry, J.

As we were watching the game in all of its intensity, I shouted to the television screen — quite inexplicably to all my fellow party-goers, I am sure — “Do it for the babies!” And lo, Eli Manning heard me, and he threw his incredible pass. And again I said, “For the babies! Throw the ball to someone who is open in the end zone!” And it was good.

So, babies, this one is for you!