Here is the thing about Washington, D.C. — we obsess over politics and elections, but we usually do not get to play a very active role them, at least in the voting realm. Taxation without representation, blahdeblah. Citizens of the District do get to vote for President, but since D.C. is ninety-something-percent Democratic and gets a mere three electoral college representatives, we’re not exactly considered crucial. Like, not at all.
So no one bothers to campaign in DC. I remember being in Pennsylvania in Oct. 2004 and marveling at the campaign ads — while the poor souls in the swing state state were oh-so-very sick of them.

But now! Lookee here, we are part of the Potomac primary and have 37 real, live Democratic delegates to offer the winning candidate! And in a Democratic run-off like this one, that might actually mean something.

Plus, get this, I just went to the DC metro website to look at a map, and who do you think was looking at me, pointing his hand in my face? Barack Obama! Advertising! In our town!

I feel like I’m really part of something. At least for a few days.