It is quite cold outside today. Garrison Keillor always says that “cold is a stimulant for sound thinking.” I can attest that during our mini-Spring heatwave last week, people were getting kind of crazy.

On my regular lunchtime runs on the National Mall, I saw all kinds of people out enjoying the balmy weather. One particularly interesting chap: a 50-ish-year-old man walking along, with big headphones on, half-heartedly poking at a ball with what appeared to be a very long croquet stick. He then walked over to one of the benches, stood atop the bench, put the ball next to it and began madly swinging his stick in the air. He was warming up his arm, swinging in circles, stretching from side to side. It was not until he was standing on the bench that I realized it was *not* a very long croquet stick, but more likely a polo stick. The bench, his horse. The mall, his playground.