Uno on doggie treadmill

It is very important that you know that Uno the beagle — who has won the hearts and minds of Americans with his message of hope and cuteness — is from SOUTH CAROLINA. Well, he is not really *from* South Carolina, but he lives there now. Shout out to my mom for cluing me in.

He hails from Columbia, Mo., which is also an awesome place (mystically linked to Columbia, SC, by name, affection and ladybug sisters). Uno now lives and trains in Lugoff, South Carolina.

And what does Uno do there in Lugoff, you wonder? Well, he works on his excellent physique. The State newspaper reports that Uno eats two cups of Purina Pro Plan a day and practices in a faux dog-show ring in his trainer’s backyard. He also spends 15 minutes a day on a jog-a-dog, a doggie treadmill, “to keep his muscle tone nice and hard and to keep him in great shape.”

If you are weary of walking your dog and would like a little doggie treadmill of your own, you can purchase one here for the low price of $1,000 to $3,000.

But here is the best morsel from the article in The State: Uno loves to play on a Little Tykes Playground set! He jumps through the holes, slides down the slide, and lies on top to bathe in the sun. This is why we love him: he is one of us.

Now to find a video of Uno on the slide…