I never thought I would have ties to the fashion world, but I guess I am four degrees from the red carpet! (and what a very large four degrees they are, based on my own lack of fashion.) My mother-in-law is friends with Kevan Hall, a famous designer in L.A. (They met at a young adults church group back in the day — who among our Kairos pals will be famous  one day? discuss.)

Kevan designed her wedding dress, back when he was just starting out, and was so kind as to make her lovely mother-of- the-groom dresses last year, even though he is famous now. How famous is he, you ask? As reported in yesterday’s New York Times, he also designed the dress that Ruby Dee, nominee for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, wore last night at the Oscars. The ruby red number is pictured above. Go Kevan!