Remember the days of yore, when there were a kajillion candidates in the Republican and Democratic field and it was like a big party all the time? Everyone got along, mostly, and everyone was happy, and there were so many interesting characters and hairstyles.

Now the field is narrowing, and everyone is all hating on their fellow (wo)man. And we still have almost nine months of campaigning to go!

I just stumbled across this quote from Hillary Clinton, when she was on the Ellen Degeneres show in September 2007. Ellen asked if Hillary would have Obama as her running mate.

Hillary replied: “I have such great admiration for him [Obama] and everyone that I am running against. This is a great field, you don’t have to be against anybody. You can be just for whoever you think would be the best president. ”

p.s. Check out how that secret service guy is about to take that woman down for her dangerous use of the cell phone! That phone could have death laser beams in it! Get her, secret service man!