Today is technically the first day of Spring, so it seems like a good time for an update on area flora. Growing up in South Carolina, I remember spring bursting forth in all its floral glory around Eastertime. But here in D.C., Spring seems to come much more gradually (although apparently earlier every year, according to climate scientists).

Currently in bloom: forsythia, pear trees and some of the magnolia tulip-trees. It’s a relief to see the tulip-trees, which have had some problems with budding too early and freezing in recent years.

We also have some daffodils, those cheery harbingers of springtime. Their yellow faces smile at me.

And the cherry trees… I like to check on their progress every day when I run. On Monday there just one tree in bloom at the Tidal Basin. Today there are two more. It looks like the hundreds of other trees will burst forth next weekend. Currently, they have green buds with the hot pink tips of flowers at the ends.  From a distance, they look like they’re in a red haze.

The smaller group of cherry trees by the National Gallery of Art (3rd St. and Madison Ave.) are all flowering.  It looks like they’ll hit their peak just in time for Easter. nice! There are also two trees in bloom in front of the Hirshorn. One little young tree there is always one of the first to go. I remember one year it started to bloom before a cold snap. I felt so bad for the little eager tree, I put my gloves on it as I went running. (I later reclaimed the gloves, since they seemed to be doing more good for me than the little tree.)