Dear faithful reader,

Perhaps you have wondered why I have been absent from the blogosphere for lo these many days. Well, I have been camped out beneath a small bit of tarp at the tidal basin, here in our nation’s capital. Holding a cherry blossom branch in one hand and a flashlight in the other, I have searched for the wild beaver who has attacked our precious cherry trees.

But to no avail.

The wily beaver has remained elusive. Meanwhile, the weather has deteriorated, my shoes are soggy, my skin is covered with a thin layer of blossom residue, and I have grown weary of taking pictures of Japanese tourists. Plus, I am supposed to host a dinner party this weekend for betrothed friends, and they are vegetarians and thus would not consume the beaver steaks. So, I’m going in.

I will post more. You see, I have been a bit crippled. I felt the need to post first about our Easter, but the magnanimity of the resurrection and ensuing events have just been a bit much for me to put into words … especially with the lack of sleep since I’ve been on the beaver trail, you know. So I just haven’t said anything. But I know you deserve more, oh faithful readers. You have demanded bloggies, and you shall have them. I will not abandon you.

But first, I must wash the mud and blossom petals out of my hair.

faithfully yours,