Today is the grand opening of the newseum, the new monstrosity on Pennsylvania Avenue that purports to be the “world’s most interactive museum!” You can get free entry all day for today’s opening day.

They are banking on the assumption that people who will not shell out 35 cents to buy a hard copy of the newspaper will spend $20 for newseum entrance.  We’ll see how that goes. I, for one, am probably much more likely to check out the free not-so-interactive art at one of the neighboring Smithsonians — not necessarily because I am more high-minded, but because I am cheap.

For today, it appears the kids are very excited about the newseum … at least while it is free.

I walk by the newseum on my way to work from the bus, so I thought I might poke my head in and look around this morning. But the line to get snaked around the building, down the block, past the Canadian embassy (where those resourceful Canadians were handing out promotional material to the captive audience of line-standers, who are now all well-schooled on our trade and security partnership with the Great Northern Neighbor). The line started to thin out in front of the court buildings and  finally ended about a block or two from my office.

I had a story to write, so I walked right past the line and up to my cube. I hear there are many interactive exhibits at the newseum that allow you to pretend to be a reporter. I guess today I’ll just have to settle for the real thing.