Well, poem in your pocket day was a bust. The farm bill conference did not break out in a poetry slam, and there were no poems in pockets unfolded for me the whole day. I even spent that evening with a poetess and forgot to reach in my pocket for a little addition to the conversation. But it was not all lost — I remembered while walking home with two friends. They were kind enough to listen to my poem as we walked down Mt. Pleasant Street.  We were inspired. Thank you, poem-in-pocket day!

Today is Earth Day.  I am celebrating it by …. writing a story about the environment! Heck, maybe I’ll even write two or three! This is how I “celebrate” every weekday.

One of my contacts wished me a very happy earthday on my voicemail today. It amused me. But other than that, the biggest push I’ve gotten on Earth Day is to BUY MORE STUFF. It seems this earthy holiday, like so many others, has become a big marketing scheme.  I have emails inviting me to buy new running gear for Earth Day, as well as certified sustainable forestry furniture and recycled glass tableware. Celebrate Earth — buy stuff, package it, ship it, throw it away! Wheee! Maybe we’ll go for a dumpster run instead.