Lawmakers have a deal on the farm bill! That does not mean we actually have a new farm bill … at least not yet. But it does mean that the stage of my life in which I write stories about whether or not lawmakers are going to have a deal on the farm bill may be coming to a close. Our long national nightmare could be over. How many stories can one write about whether or not lawmakers have a deal on the farm bill, you may ask? I’d say about two or three a day. They come in cycles : yes, maybe, no! Then the next round: maybe, yes!
But it’s really a yes this time, as least for the House and Senate. At least I think so.
I found this out after standing in dark hallways all week, waiting for people to come out and tell us YES a deal (or NO, no deal). That yes moment finally arrived this afternoon. I was so excited, I almost felt like *I* had received a $700 million-a-year subsidy. I bought myself a Coke — WITH sugar (I take that back, with corn syrup — and there is a whole farm-subsidy-related reason for that, but that’s another story). No diet coke, kids, it’s time to celebrate — I know, it’s getting crazy over here.