Today is Bike to Work Day. This morning, it rained. It rained last year on Bike to Work day. And the year before, it rained. Three years ago it was pouring rain so hard that I thought, “NO ONE will bike to work today.” I later heard about one friend who did. Check that — she did not actually bike to *work,* per se. She biked to the “Bike to Work” party, then was so soaked that she rode back home and took the morning off.

The rain was not too hard this morning, so we celebrated Bike to Work day in the appropriate manner.

Ned and I rode to the Bike to Work station at Freedom Plaza downtown and enjoyed a free bagel and coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Last year Mayor Fenty was there is his jersey and spandex cycling shorts. He is a fit guy, so he can pull it off, but it was funny to see him all gigged out, while the rest of us wore dress pants rolled up to our knees. But this year, no Mayor Fenty — which was a shame because I really wanted to talk to him about his stupid plan to tear up the school in my ‘hood. I thought I might be able to lure him over with Ned and his fancy bike, then pounce on him with my plans to save the community garden. (This is not totally unlikely, since the last time we met Mayor Fenty he told Ned: “You look fast. Want to run with me?” and proceeded to give him his card. I believe the card has since been lost. oops.)

Alas, the closest we came to the presence of the mayor today was a bunch of people singing a song about him. The song was cute, but their singing voices were … well, they probably would not be picked for “American Idol.” The announcer said they are “The Tune-ups” and are available to entertain at parties and events. Ned: “Yeah, I bet they are available. Every night of the week!”

Bike to Work Day is intended to encourage people to ride to work, especially new people. There are group rides from the suburbs and celebratory pit stops with bagels and the like. But when it rains — which appears to happen more frequently than not — it seems to end up just being a big party for the (hard core) people who always bike to work anyway.

I asked the water bottle guy if it always rains on Bike to Work day. His reply: “Yes. It’s so you can pretend you live in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a little Seattle, right here at home.”