For me, it really did not feel like summer was near before this weekend, and only in part because of the unseasonably cool weather. I have no real *plans* for the summer, so there is little to distinguish it from the rest of the year for me. Well, there may be some things … but I am in denial about the ever-steadily approaching date when my godson and his dear parents move to another time zone, for instance. (Don’t go!) Plus, work has been stressful, and all time was lost in the farm bill vortex.

So, I have seriously been in a sort of never-ending March.

But the beginning of summer hit me in a rush this weekend. I know it is here now. And this is how I know:

1) I spent almost the entire weekend either in the community garden, our “yard,” or the garden store. Ok, so that could be spring, rather than summer. But there were no pansies to be found, so summer.

2) I sat on the lawn at Wolftrap Saturday evening, my favorite summer activity.

3) While there, I saw the live broadcast of Prairie Home Companion, my favorite radio show. Garrison Keillor led us in singing “Summertime (and the livin’ is easy) ,” and patriotic songs. (Summer is a patriotic time in DC.) An aside: PHC comes to Wolftrap every Memorial Day and I have gone five of the last seven years. Every year I am surprised to discover that I am the only one who knows the second verse of “Summertime” and various patriotic songs. Is this that strange?

4) I wore seersucker on Sunday and felt proud.

5) The weather. It’s like Mother Nature got the pool party invite and decided to kick it up a notch. I was wearing a sweater on Thursday. Today I was sweating in capris and a T-shirt.

6) I went to a wonderful cookout at a friend’s house and we enjoyed beer and grilled items… and were not at all cold.

7) As I walked to the friend’s house, I passed two guys, sitting on a stoop, drinking from coconuts. Hello?! They had straws in the coconuts and were drinking from them. Are we at a tropical island resort? The answer is yes! Welcome to the Heights!

8 I talked with about a dozen neighbors this weekend. It seems we all hibernate during winter, then in summer suddenly everyone is out digging in the dirt, sitting on the stoops, having parties, talking to one another. (OK, so last summer was first marked by people shooting eachother, then all the friendly stuff… but happily we seem to have skipped straight to the fraternization this year.)

9) I made rhubarb lemonade. And drank the whole thing.

10) Delicious rhubarb pie, made by my pie-baker extraordinaire husband.