seersucker purse

I have made several trips to our neighborhood Target. And I have yet to leave the store without some unexpected purchase. There are just so many cute things! And useful things! And such good deals! The Target people are smart too. You walk in the store and what is there, staring you right in your face? Purses, bags, jewelry and other accessories. Next up: women’s clothing. And at the checkout lines: bargain bins.

Oh Target, you know my weaknesses.

My first trip to Target, I just went to “look around” and had barely taken 20 steps before my arms were loaded with merchandise. The second trip I was in search of cereal, and picked up some Easter and baby gifts on the way.

I decided it was a little too dangerous to proceed in this manner, since the Target is within walking distance. I have instituted a new limit : only one (or two) impulse buys per visit.

On Monday, I went to Target to buy some gardening reinforcements*. I left Target carrying a large bag of soil on my head, Rwanda style, while also toting a new seersucker purse and pair of sunglasses, American consumer style.

*I did attempt to purchase said items at my local non-chain hardware store, but they were closed. So I went first to Target, then to Home Depot, making it a Big Box afternoon … but a DC big box afternoon, so there.