When your husband is out of the country for 10 days, it is an excellent time to do things you would not otherwise do were he in town. This will help stave off the distress of his absence.

For instance, you might watch “Sex in the City” for the first time. You might eat cereal or salad for dinner. You might buy a new purse, even though the hall closet is exploding with all your other purses.

It is a good time to schedule dates with girlfriends, finish work projects that can never seem to get done and have some time for at-home solitude.

It is not advisable that you choose this period of time to accept a free tree from a neighbor, and endeavor — by yourself — to dig a humongous hole in the ground in which to put it … all the while mourning the flower seeds you had just planted the day before (by yourself, even) receiving the message about the free tree.

Neither would this be the ideal time to discover and deal with the small rock quarry in the plot of ground where you thought you’d put the tree. It is unadvisable to kill your back shoveling, especially when there is no one to rub it.

And then you still have to actually dig out the free tree you are taking? Are you kidding me? This is a time for a manicure with friends, *not* for covering your hands with blisters.

If you, like me, have already accepted the tree and spent several hours digging the hole, best to go through with the rest of the project before it rains and your gaping hole is literally washed away in vain.

But if you have a choice in this matter, I recommend you put down the shovel. Pour yourself a glass of white wine. Wait for your helpmate.

Just a tip.