Many of you have asked about my friend, the farm bill. As you know, the farm bill and I have had a sordid affair for the past year or two.

When we last left the farm bill, it was on the verge of its passage before Congress left town last Memorial Day, and we had just discovered that part of the bill was missing.

First of all, you should know that Congress still sends bills to the president on parchment for him to sign (or veto, as the case may be). A little over two dozen of those precious parchment pages were missing when Bush put his big red “x” on the farm bill (I am pretty sure that is *not* how he actually vetoes, but that is how I imagine it.)

The missing pages meant the veto — and thus the override — would be incomplete. Since Bush only vetoed part of the bill, they would only enact part of the bill.

But that did not stop lawmakers, who were pressed against yet-another deadline for the expiration of current farm programs. Quite frankly, I suspect they were sick of the farm bill and just wanted to be done with the dang thing. (Or as close to finishing as they could. ) So, the House and Senate went ahead and both approved the pretty-much-farm-bill-override with healthy margins.

They made 13/14ths of the farm bill law. End of story. Mostly.

Lawmakers return to DC this week, and they still have to figure out some way to clean up the mess with this missing section. They could vote on the missing section on its own, or re-pass, re-veto, re-override the whole farm bill again … or do some other legal maneuvers to make up for the error.

All this was exploding just before Memorial Day, when I was *supposed* to be enjoying a nice, glorious case-closed, $300 billion-doled-out, override kind-of-a-day. Instead, it turned into a messy breakup. It’s like the farm bill moved out, but left all his stuff in my apartment.

Our relationship is pretty much over, but not totally … because he’s going to have to come back to get his crap. It looks like it will probably be a pretty quick thing. But there is always the chance we’ll start fighting again when that happens … and maybe we’ll have to open up the whole relationship and again and go through this whole process. Again. Oh, farm bill. Sigh.