Today my good friend and godson, Joseph, is one year old!

I am just now entering the baby phase of life — and by that I mean the phase where I am friends with a lot of other peoples’ babies. There are several adorable babies in my crew right now, but Joseph is the first one with a direct connection to me (in this case, a God-relative, as it were) to celebrate this one-year milestone.

I remember when I saw his mom, one of my best friends here in DC, just after she found out she was pregnant. We were meeting at a coffee shop on Capitol Hill. (As it turned out, she did not drink coffee.) She told us she was pregnant. It felt like the whole world was about to turn upside down, but in a really good way.

I saw her at least once a week for most of the next nine months, and we watched her belly grow and body change and eagerly waited to meet the baby. When I saw her four days before Joseph arrived, we were pretty excited. The due date was coming up, her belly looked different (lower) and we felt like we would finally get to meet this baby soon!! Indeed, Joseph — like his parents — sought to be Right On Time. Real contractions started on Saturday. I had just finished picking strawberries when I got the message. I was holding my cell phone in the parking lot, literally jumping for joy and dancing around the car. My strawberry-picking companions looked at me with confusion. “Meg! BABY! Coming! Today!” More looks of confusion.

Joseph’s other godmother and I spent the rest of the day exchanging phone calls to ask if the other had heard anything. We prayed.

After a long labor, Joseph finally arrived June 10, 2007. He was tiny (though not so tiny, according to baby standards –8lbs., 2oz.) and adorable. We had NO IDEA then how ridiculously cute he would become.

Joseph has likes to smile and play the piano and listen to music and prayers and stories. He enjoys crawling, walking (!!!) a bit, and listening to the answering machine. The man loves to eat. And if you’re lucky, he will wave a greeting to you by moving his entire body back and forth.

Here’s a greeting to YOU, JoJoMike. Happy birthday! We love you!