Street cleaning no parking sign

Our councilman proudly announced to our neighborhood listserv that he has secured more parking enforcement officers for our ward. I think he expected to get applause, but it did not really work out that way.

Instead, the message inspired a string of angry emails from neighbors who would prefer the police visit our ‘hood to monitor other things, like, say, drug deals. We’re supposed to like the parking people, because they can help free up more street space for legitimate residents by ticketing out-of-state (or district) cars and the like.  But really they just frustrate us by doling out $100 tickets if we are one minute beyond the 7 am deadline to move ours cars from one side of the street (for rush hour).

One neighbor complained that he has wanted parking people to ticket the drug dealers’ cars, many of which are out-of-state. Bus, alas, the dealers are impenetrable to tickets because they are always IN THEIR CARS, DEALING DRUGS. And if you’re sitting inside your car, you are not really “parked” illegally, per se.

I know I am not supposed to find that funny, but I cannot help it — I do.

My complaint is somewhat unrelated. Syndicated columnist Bob Novack hit a pedestrian today while driving his black corvette on K St. An onlooker said the pedestrian hit Novack’s windshield before falling on the street, but the corvette just drove on. Novack later claimed not to see the person. Really? You didn’t see him on your windshield?

A vigilante bicycle-commuting lawyer witnessed the whole thing, chased Novack down, and placed himself in front of Novack’s car (dangerous!) to keep him from fleeing. God bless this man. He called the police. Novack was fined $50 for failing to yield.

Seriously? I can get a $100 ticket for not moving my otherwise legally-parked car at the moment rush hour begins. And Bob Novack hits someone, flees the scene and only gets fined $50?

Where is justice, people?