1. When walking down the street today, I saw a slightly nerdy looking guy, wearing a black T shirt that said “My crew” … with pictures of chess figures on it. Hilarious. Man, I love nerdy humor.

2. Unrelated. That little gymnast, Shawn Johnson, has totally charmed me. I tried to hold off at first. I thought, “Just because you’re a cute gymnast and you win everything does not mean I am going to like you.” I was skeptical. But that did not last too long; she has won me over. She’s adorable, talented, optimistic, a tumbling fiend … and I love her how her good midwestern upbringing shines in interviews.

For instance, NBC asks what is your lucky charm? They show various gymnasts giving long answers. They cut to Shawn ever-so- briefly as she just smiles and says, “Well, I don’t have one. My parents taught me not to be superstitious. So I’m not. *grin*” When asked what it feels like to be a celebrity, Shawn says “I don’t think of myself as a celebrity. Celebrities are like people I see on TV. Oh wait, I guess I have been on TV. Well, that’s different. I do get a lot of attention at home. They’re making a butter statue out of me.”

Shawn Johnson’s greatest honor? A butter statue!

I just saw that her name is “Shawn Machel Johnson.” If she was a boy, do you think her name would have been “Shawn (or Sean, etc) Michael Johnson?”