It is election day in Washington, D.C. The mood is tense. We may not have much of a vote here in the district, but life revolves around this stuff for many people living here. So I would say we’re pretty into it.

There are already crews busily building the stage in front of the Capitol for the inauguration. We do not yet know who will stand on that stage come Jan. 20th. One thing we know is that it will not be a member of the Clinton or Bush families. For me, this alone is significant: those families have held the White House for two-thirds of my life.

I voted this afternoon, after going to a doctor’s appointment and working from home this morning. Thankfully, there was no line when I voted circa 1 pm.  I do think it is wonderful that so many people across this Great Land stood in line for hours to vote. But I was struggling to psych myself up for that kind of wait in Taxation Without Representationville (we care, and our vote counts … but it doesn’t really matter).

I took the clown bus to work and can attest that it is still mighty clowny, even in the middle of the day. A crowd of girls in the back of the bus sang songs. As we sat down toward the front of the bus, the man seated across from us started clapping in rhythm and told us to start a song. We did not take him up on his offer, tempting as it was. He then asked, “Do you really think Barack Obama will win today?” We replied: “yes.” Man: “Do you REALLY think he will win? Do you like him?” Ned: “If I were a betting man, I would bet on him. I think he’ll win.”  (note: this does not necessarily mean Ned voted for him. just sayin’)

Clapping man then went on to speak a lot of nonsense and tell us he’s really into twins. He sees them everywhere he goes. Like I said: clown bus.