Dear Michelle Obama,

Thanks for reading my blog.

I know there is much for you to consider in this transition period. I am going to stay out of the puppy and school debates — I think you should do whatever is best for your children, as long as it involves a public school or shelter/rescue dog.

But I would like to make one little recommendation for the Inaugural ball. Have you considered Kevan Hall, an L.A.-based designer, who also happens to be African American and a really cool guy?

Please wear this dress.


You will look lovely.


your friend and new neighbor in DC

ps I really like how your family wears coordinating colors for major events. It is very cute. I am looking forward to some adorable hats for the Inauguration.

pps That was really funny, the way you talked to President-elect Barack Obama about taking a walk or getting a dog (5 min. into vid).

ppps I’ll walk the dog whenever you like, if Malia is too busy.