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Following up on yesterday’s series on the holiday decor of the White House and the well-trained (interview) rescue dogs therein , I would just like to provide a wee bit more evidence, for your viewing pleasure, on the cuteness of a certain Miss Beazley. She’s a uniter, not a divider.

cake love wedding cake

Many people freeze the top layer of their wedding cake and eat it one year later for their anniversary. Because we bought our cake from a baker rather than a caterer, we thought it would be easier, tastier and more economical to serve all of our wedding cake at the festivities and buy a small new cake the next year. (As it turned out, I don’t think we could have saved any cake even if we tried. The kids were going crazy for the cakey delicious-ness — one of my fond memories from the reception is the image of my little sister, standing on top of a chair, holding a plate of cake and looking thoroughly satisfied.)

What we did freeze from the wedding reception: a portion o’ shrimp and grits. Last night we got it out of the freezer and ate it … and, shoo-eee, was it ever tasty. Shrimp and grits is my favorite food (aside from cake), and the fine heirloom corn and milling methods from Anson Mills in Columbia, SC, just cannot be beat. Their “slow food” grits have a much more complex flavor and texture than anything you find in the store — it’s like they are homemade oatmeal bread and the stuff in stores is Sunbeam.

Tonight is the night for cake. Yes, my friends, I am getting me some cake love, and I cannot wait. Their strawberries and cream cake is perfection.

(And yes, our anniversary was technically two weeks ago, but I am extending it into a small season of its own — a bit like the 12 days of Christmas.)

Laura Bush noted in one of her many interviews today that the White House tree has 347 National Park ornaments. So what I want to know is, who were the 44 Scrooge parks that did not participate in the nationwide craft project?

LAURA BUSH: Well, this year our theme is “Holidays in the National Parks.” And it’s — we sent out to each of the 391 national parks a big ball and asked them to decorate them, and they did. We got about 347 back, which I think is great.

A few things about me:
1) I lose things a lot.
2) It seems I am a pessimist. This became known to me only toward the end of the third decade of my life, when I befriended an optimist who named me thusly.
3) I have what some would call “an overly-active imagination.”

All this means that when I am not sure where something is — like, for instance, my reporter’s notebook after a flight — I assume the worst. In this case, I assumed my notebook (which in my mind was chock full of every interesting quote I had ever heard and would likely cost me several interesting stories if not in my life) was still on the plane andI would have to spend at least an hour going through security to try to reclaim it and then probably not find it anyway. It turns out it was just in an unopened pocket of my laptop case (and I will probably never read any of the notes in it again anyway). Hooray! Welcome back, notebook friend!

To grace your wedding day, I’ll beautify! –Pericles, Shakespeare

groom buttoning shirtveil1118.jpgbridesmaids prepare

Two pairs of good friends were married today. It is good to see such good friends so well married. May God grant you many, many blessed years!


People, this whole “standard time” thing is not only depressing to those of us who like to leave work before it is pitch black outside, it is also potentially DEADLY.

A new study found that pedestrians walking around dusk are now nearly three times more likely to be struck and killed by cars than before the time change. Ending daylight savings time and switching to standard time translates into about 37 more U.S. pedestrian deaths around 6 p.m. in November compared to October. (note to self: stay indoors at 6 pm.)

Now, I know all the early morning people are glad to have a little more light shining on their crops, babies, construction sites,  dogs and schoolbuses. But can’t that just wait until 6:30 am anyway?

I say down with standard time.

Daylight savings time all the time!

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